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We offer a range of services that are perfect for new businesses who are setting out on their journey as well as more established businesses who want to stand out from the crowd and build staff, customer and brand loyalty.

A Virtual Marketing Manager can look at your entire Marketing Strategy and take on the day-to-day running of all your marketing requirements, or simply pick up tasks that your current in-house marketing team don’t have the time or skills to fulfil.



Book a 1-hour Skype consultation to review your current marketing strategy and future goals. Let’s see where opportunities can be made and which marketing channels you should be focusing on.


A range of graphic design services are available including: Logo design, brand guidelines, sales collateral, exhibition print, newsletters, magazine layouts, recipe cards, online or printed ad design to name a few.


We will look at your market goals and put a 6-month strategy and content plan together which you can either implement yourself or get assistance from us along the way.


Regular email communications with staff, customers, trade suppliers are key to building loyalty and supporting your brand. We can help you get set up and devise regular targeted campaigns.


If you are happy with your existing Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix website, we can help you keep it looking fresh with regular updates. Or if you would like a fresh new Squarespace site we can design and build it with your products and customers in mind.


Build your following with landing pages and lead generation forms. Put your subscribers on an automated nurture track and keep them updated with company news, product interests and special offers.

SEO & Google ADS

Improve your search engine rankings by implementing strategic Google Ad campaigns that draw traffic to your website and get your brand noticed.


Ensure your content is being shared on the right social media channels for your business. Stay engaged with your customers with regular posts, updates and ads.


Planning a launch or brand refresh?


There is more to a brand than a logo

Your branding distinguishes you from your competition, portrays your company’s values and sets the tone for your customer’s expectations. A brand is much more than just a logo. It can include core messaging and act as an identity guide, setting the tone for your entire graphic presence. Whether you are starting your brand from scratch or you would like to improve your existing brand guide lines we can work together to ensure your brand is distinctive and recognisable across all your material and platforms.

Choose from a range of services to help you get noticed

Corporate Identity | Logo Design | Brand Guide Lines | Sales Collateral | Social Media Set Up | Website | Graphic Design


Need help aligning all your marketing tasks?


Working together we can make sure your marketing is on track and your business goals are being met each month


Your marketing plan is going to be as unique as your business. It will include all the key facts about your company, the market it serves and its products, services, customers and competition. Aligning your goals and objectives with your routes to market and content strategy over a specified period of time will help your business focus on your target audience and determine any gaps in the market that could provide new opportunities for your company. New Virtual Marketing can help you with, planning, research, strategy and implementation.

Choose from these services to keep you on track

Marketing Review | Marketing Strategy | Website | Social Media | Content Planning | Newsletters | Email Communications | Google Ads


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