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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a virtual marketing manager help my business?

It's not always practical to employ an In-house Marketing Manager or hire an expensive Marketing Agency, it's an overhead that a lot of SME's and Business owners simply can't justify. It can also be a struggle to co-ordinate your core business activities alongside; market research, building creative content, driving social media and email campaigns, producing engaging blogs, newsletters and sales material. If this sounds familiar, then a Virtual Marketing Manager is probably what you are looking for. 

A Virtual Marketing Manager is a remotely located resource that integrates seamlessly into your business and offers a flexible marketing service when you need it. By simply paying for the services or hours you require, you can remain in complete control of your marketing budget and be reassured you are receiving a quality dedicated service at an affordable price - leaving you more time to focus on your core business. 

I’m not sure which marketing service I need?

Understanding the best route to market is undoubtedly the first obstacle.  The growing population is more often than not shopping around for the best deal on a smartphone and savvy customers glean as much content, from as many websites as possible, before making an informed purchase.

So, should you be concentrating on social media, focusing on more content, refreshing the website, attending more exhibitions?  The best place to start is a Marketing MOT.

It’s probably time that a fresh pair of eyes reviewed your current marketing activities, researched where you are positioned within your sector, reviewed what your competitors are doing and gave you an honest opinion of where you should be directing your efforts in the future.

Can I rescale my marketing from month to month?

Marketing services can easily be scaled up or down depending on your given requirement and budget. Seasonality within your sector could play a large factor in your marketing opportunities, likewise if you are preparing for an exhibition or event, you will undoubtedly want to ramp up your PR and social media marketing activity before and after the event.


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